Chameleon MP3 Player

To the left is version 1.4 of the Chameleon MP3 Player.

This convenient program is designed to allow web masters and web designers to present MP3 sound files on their web pages with or without giving their users the opportunity to directly download the MP3 files themselves.

The playlist may be managed by a text file, so the web site owner does not need to have any experience with Flash coding, databases, or XML, or it can be managed by a PHP or ASP file to generate a list from a directory filled with MP3 files, or even to interface with a database if you prefer - simply follow the steps in the supplied read-me file and you will have a working online music system!


Version 1.4 is now available! New features include:


The Chameleon MP3 Player is available to download. Thanks to a new feature, it is possible to select a colour while installing the MP3 Player. The available colours are White, Magenta, Purple, Blue, Sky, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Brown and Black. For full details on how to change the colour, please consult the read-me file in the download. If you cannot find a style you like, please contact us at the email address below. To download the Jukebox, simply click on the Chameleon.

Download the Chameleon MP3 Player
Version 1.4 Now Available!


The Chameleon MP3 Player has undergone several changes since V1.0 was unveiled:

Version 1.0V1.0 included:
  • Basic Menu
  • Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Previous, Shuffle and Mute Buttons
  • Volume Slider
  • Progress Bar
  • Text Display
V1.1 added:
  • Double-Click Menu
  • Repeat and Information Buttons
Version 1.1
Version 1.2V1.2 added:
  • Position Slider
  • Un-Mute Function
V1.3 added:
  • Cross-Fading
  • Fade-Out
  • LED Style Activity Display
  • New Graphics for the Buttons and Sliders
Version 1.3
Version 1.4V1.4 added:
  • Larger size - now 360 x 225 Pixels
  • Dedicated Message Bar seperated from the Position Slider
  • Time Elapsed / Duration Display
  • Combined Play / Pause Button
  • Volume Memory for returning visitors
  • Last Track Played Memory for returning visitors
  • Option to have a Cross-Fade OR a Delay between tracks
  • A hidden extra - can you find it?


Below are links to sites which use, or are associated with, the Chameleon MP3 Player:

App NeeSome excellent small freeware apps, which stand the test of time, but you may not know!
Paul FleetwoodMr Fleetwood is a computer programmer, musician, artist and web designer. His feedback and support has enabled us to upgrade the MP3 Player to version 1.3
VinylVarchive's Vinyl VarchiveThe web personality known as "Vinyl Varchive" has used the Chameleon to present some of their favourite songs, "restored" to vinyl quality. The restoration process may have introduced a few obscenities to the music - you have been warned ;)

Contact Us

If you have noticed any bugs with this system, or if you have any feature or style requests, please contact us at


The following artists and groups are featured in the demonstration at the top of the page. Please support them if you enjoy their work:
SegaThe makers of Sonic the Hedgehog and the owners of the 16-bit versions of the music in the demo.
MegaDriverThe original Game Metal band - their work is brilliantly awesome.
Project ChaosThe artists behind Project Chaos re-made the music for Sonic 3 & Knuckles in a variety of styles.
Johnny StreetsA very talented solo artist. Plays the guitar like Hendrix and Blackmore combined.


If you have installed the Chameleon MP3 Player on your website, and you are pleased with the results, please consider voluntarily donating some money to him. You are under no obligation to do so, but it helps him to keep this site running for the many other users who may visit this site and download his software in future.